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Baheya Sirry, Parenting Coach

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What parents are saying

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I wanted to get closer to my daughter and Baheya helped me jump over the hurdles that were getting in the way.


My daughter's behaviour changed so much, all because I changed the way I parent. Sometimes the best of parents need help, and I'm so glad I found Baheya.

Happy Mother's Day


The work, support and guidance of Baheya is priceless.
My biggest breakthrough was that working on myself first is what will help change and improve my relationship with my children, not working on them!

She found ways to guide me and gave me tools to help me with my journey.

Happy Family


Baheya is a very knowledgeable yet intuitive person, who can quickly grasp notions and underlying issues without ever sounding condescending!

I learned to look further into myself while also taking a few steps back when looking at my own kids. 


Work with me

Square Stage

Package 1:

The visionary parent


One 90-min session where we work together to establish your vision for your family and identify changes you can implement right away to help you reach your parenting goals.

You will get an introduction to the conscious parenting approach and you’ll start to be able to recognize patterns that are standing in your way.


Includes an email summary for the session with additional resources should you want to do more work on your own.

Square Stage

Package 2:

The attuned parent


Four 60-min sessions where we dig deeper into your parenting difficulties, and I give you the framework you need to be more attuned to yourself and your child.

We will address your parenting style and parenting past to see how this impacts your family today.


Together we will identify problematic mindsets and I will help you make the necessary shifts to radically change the way you parent.


We will prioritize on the most important topics for you such as boundaries, family values, sibling rivalry, screen time, emotion coaching, communication tools etc.


Includes an email summary for each session and email communication between sessions should you need it.

Square Stage

Package 3:

Becoming the light-hearted parent


Ten 60-min sessions where I take you through a deep dive into what is really going with your child and with you. This complete package will leave you feeling transformed and, on your way to truly becoming a light-hearted parent.

With the 10-session package we don’t need to prioritize, and we can truly explore every important topic based on your needs, (boundaries, family values, sibling rivalry, screen time, emotion coaching, communication skills etc.)


We will examine in great detail your parenting past and bring light to how this impacts your parenting style and approach today.


I will help you understand your anger and your child’s anger so that it may no longer stand in the way of your relationship.


Includes an email summary for each session and email communication between sessions should you need it.

Why the light-hearted parent?

Because I believe in a light-hearted approach to parenting, in releasing the heaviness, the expectations and the unnecessary burdens we put on ourselves and our children.

Parenting should not be about battles, power struggles and control methods. Parenting should be about love, growth, communication and connection.


If you agree, then you're in the right place!

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"When you are able to release your anxieties, your children will follow your lead."

- Dr Shefali Tsabary

Happy loving family. Father and his daug


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